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The Cleaning Station is a complete system. It encompasses cleaning a surface with options such as spray and wipe or use a pre-moistened towel to wipe the surface then toss towel in the waste receptacle. And the last most important step in the system is to sanitize your hands for ultimate germ protection.
The Cleaning Station arrives pre-assembled ready for you to customize with The Cleaning Station’s products located on the supply page or is versatile enough to accept products from your Clean Holdings approved distributor.
It is a matter of choice, dependent upon what your needs are and the surfaces you are cleaning. The Cleaning Station accommodates a center pull dry towel or a pre-moistened towel offering you the advantage throughout your business.
Yes, The Cleaning Station Acrylic Sign Holder that attaches to the back of your station; The Cleaning Station Casters to easily move your station from room to room; and Clean Holdings Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispensers to use throughout your facility.
Clean Holdings LLC offers a 1 year warranty on The Cleaning Station from the date of purchase due to any demonstrable manufacturing defects. If you believe your merchandise was defectively manufactured, please call customer service for technical support. We will evaluate and let you know the necessary requirements for adjustments or replacements.

Please call customer service @ 203.466.3365, for technical support.
The Cleaning Station arrives pre-assembled with a hidden trash receptacle and a pack of two nozzles located in the towel cabinet. The ½ moon nozzle is for pre-moistened towels and the full circle nozzle is for dry towels; simply insert, turn and lock the nozzle of your choice into the open hole at the top of the station. Once the nozzle is inserted, it should not have to be removed, unless you change your choice of towels.
For dry towels with a core, remove and feed it from the inside of the roll. For pre-moistened towels, cut a large “V” in the top center of the bag and feed the towel from the inside of the roll through the nozzle.

• Please see HOW TO install dry towel slideshow
• Please see HOW TO install wet towel slideshow
All dispensers come with double-sided tape on the back; simply position it so that it lines up correctly for usability.

• Please see HOW TO install sanitizer slideshow
If The Cleaning Station arrives damaged, please contact your distributor immediately.

Please call Customer Service at 203.466.3365 or email info@cleanholdings.com should you have any questions or require further assistance.