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Doreen C. Savran, Founder/President

Doreen Savran, an accomplished visionary leader with over 28 years of experience.

What is she most proud of and attributes her success to? “The mentoring, management and training of employees, managers, clients and volunteers.”

As Senior General Manager of a health club, Doreen notably won leadership awards, achieved #1 national sales goals, held seminars and developed company-wide training programs.

Her consulting business for public and private firms, specialized in marketing and fund development. Facilitating start-ups in a variety of entities assisted Doreen in the foundation of Clean Holdings. Learning from failure was definitely the best experience. Doreen presented at IHRSA, NEHRSA, and is also a REX Roundtable Alumnae.

Awarded 2 patents for her invention, The Cleaning Station and winning the ISSA Innovation Award, Doreen developed a solution to a problem which affects many types of industries. Cleanliness of equipment and surfaces was of tremendous importance, but she knew that an organized system including a multitude of cleaning options, would be the best approach. It had to look great! Doreen loves trendsetting and fashion and it shows in the design. Through many challenges, perseverance forged ahead and she created The Cleaning Station.

A tremendous undertaking, but chocolate helps, (Connie agrees). Motivated to overcome and succeed, Doreen takes that determination to ensure that Clean Holdings customers have an incredible product that will “Clean Your World!”

Please call Doreen at 203.466.3365 or e-mail doreen@cleanholdings.com.

Connie Gates, Account Manager

Connie Gates worked for many years in an international company as Administrative Assistant to the Controller. Her experience includes working in the credit and financial departments, as well as domestic and international freight.

Connie’s motto – “Ok, but let me get my coffee!”

Now at Clean Holdings, Connie brings her experience to help with seamless shipping, organization, and new enthusiastic ideas. She is very excited about using her creativity for the launch of the new website, product rebranding, and new strategic systems. As the Account Manager, Connie enjoys interacting with customers and learning from the company’s founder Doreen Savran. To ensure your interactions with Clean Holdings is a pleasant experience, Connie makes customer satisfaction the top priority.

Connie looks forward to an amazing future with the company as the team grows to assist more people to protect their health and environment. Doreen has created the culture around Clean Holdings to be healthy bodies and minds, which has allowed Connie the flexibility to take a few morning Zumba classes…and then coffee, (we all have weaknesses!)

Please call Connie @ 203.466.3365 or email her at connie@cleanholdings.com.

Connie’s here to assist you!