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The Cleaning Station Silver

It's slick, it’s cool, it’s one of a kind and…we’re keeping it clean! Having the convenience of...


The Cleaning Station Black

You have good taste and you make a great first impression! Simply customize to your liking and watch…


The Cleaning Station 2 Ply Dry Towel 6/Case

Don’t spill anything! The pull reliability is strong on this one, office tested…

The Cleaning Station Pre-Moistened Wipes 4/Case

What’s gentle on your skin, has a fresh scent, but still tough on surfaces? Wow…

Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer 8/Case

Dry hands? Not us! Use our Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer and let your hands…

Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
(Adheres inside The Cleaning Station)

Do you know where your Hand Sanitizer is? Yes…

Mark 11 Disinfectant by Stearns 144/Case

Use every day - helps keep the doctor…

Mark 11 Spray Bottles 4/case

Mark your territory, twist and spray a way to…

The Cleaning Station Dry Starter Kit

Starter up – give this a try! Just enough to…

The Cleaning Station Wet Starter Kit

As an alternative to dry give our wet wipes…

The Cleaning Station Acrylic Sign Holder

People will take note! Relay your message…

The Cleaning Station Casters

Lock or roll! Simply adding the casters to the bottom…

The Cleaning Station Wall Mount Dispensers

Double up! This set of 2 wall mount dispensers…

The Cleaning Station Wall Mount Dispensers with Hand Sanitizer - Large Kit

Spread Clean Holdings Hand Sanitizer around…

Sale Price: $298.00