The Cleaning Station

The Original All-in-one
Sanitizing System.

The dirty truth - just wiping a surface is not going to do the job on its own, what every business owner should know!

You have surface wipes, spray bottles, paper towels and hand sanitizer everywhere; yet they are not being used or can’t be found. Why not? Could it be members, visitors, and even employees don’t understand the Cycle of Clean™?

The original all in one free standing wipes station combined with a hand sanitizer dispenser shows you how to properly wipe away germs and keep yourself healthy at the same time.

  • Granted patents in 2007 for Design and Utility; The Cleaning Station was awarded the ISSA 2010 Innovation Award for artistic design and functionality.
  • Created to solve the dilemma of disorganized cleaning equipment for public facilities, The Cleaning Station encourages proper hygiene practices and enhances any décor.

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Excellent Service and Products

Just wanted to Thank Connie Gates for her Excellent Customer Service. She was very fast and efficient and the products arrived very fast.

Mia Gutierrez from San Francisco, CA United States

Great Find

We have been using the Cleaning Stations for almost a year, they have increased our cleanliness on the floor and provide us with a fresh look and organization of gloves.

Nate Miller from Cary, IL United States

Cycle of CleanTM


Pull your choice of a pre-moistened or dry towel.


Wipe down your desired equipment or surfaces.


Toss the used towel into the hidden trash receptacle.


Clean your hands with the mounted sanitizer dispenser.