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Mark 11 Disinfectant One Packs Express Mark 11 Disinfectant One Packs Express

Looking for refill supplies for your small spaces? The Mark 11 Express One Packs do the trick.

With The Cleaning Station established at your business, it's time to stock up on product refills. You don't want to be left high and dry as visitors use the hand sanitizer. Try a case of bulk hand sanitizer or bulk disinfecting wipes that can supply any tower with several months of sanitizing power. We also have cases of pre-moistening wipes and dry towels. Buying hand sanitizer in bulk will always cost you less in the long run.

You're welcome to stock up on either wet or dry starter kits too. Your facility might have a mixture of different stations that require both kits. Every item, including sanitizing wipes, will run out at some point. Consider your purchasing frequency so you can place a revolving order for hand sanitizer packets in bulk. You'll never run out of these supplies that will ultimately protect your visitors from germs. The Cleaning Station is your partner in the fight against microbes.