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Wet Starter Kit Wet Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started in one convenient Wet Starter Kit.

Dry Starter Kit Dry Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started in one convenient Dry Starter Kit.

Mark 11 Spray Bottles (4 bottles/case) Mark 11 Spray Bottles (4 bottles/case)

The Cleaning Station's shelves conveniently store spray bottles, cleaners, and other accessories. The Mark 11 Spray Bottles are prescreened with instructions for use right on the bottles.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Cleaning Station Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is designed for use with 1000ml hand sanitizer gel bags (sold separately).

Acrylic Sign Holder Acrylic Sign Holder

The Acrylic Sign Holder attachment is the perfect accessory for displaying signage, news, and information on your Cleaning Station.

Casters Casters

This set of 4 casters install in a flash and provide better mobility for your Cleaning Station.

Replacement Lockit Nozzle Replacement Lockit Nozzle

The Cleaning Station premium Lockit Nozzles are constructed of strong polymer, and its newly designed convenient two-piece connection stays in place.


A great way to boost your dedication to cleanliness is by adding hand sanitizer dispensers to your business. Convenient for use in various environments, these are typically wall-mounted accessories so they can be used as people pass by. The operation is simple - the sanitizer dispenses by pressing on the gray lever. Wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers can be quickly refilled with 700-pump sanitizer packets. They can be used as a replacement part for our Cleaning Station or as an additional unit to expand the cleaning capacity and avoid waiting in lines. Add sanitizer dispensers to one wall with a complete cleaning station on the opposite side.

Each commercial hand sanitizer dispenser comes with a circular insert so you can see the fluid level within. Be sure to stock up on hand sanitizer accessories, including refills. They swap in and out with ease. The Cleaning Station is pleased to offer a twin-pack version of the hand sanitizer wall dispenser. Purchase two of everything, and your business is covered in the front and back areas by The Cleaning Station's products.