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Gym Cleaning Station - Gym Wipe Dispenser & Sanitizer Stand

Gym Cleaning Station Wet Wipe or Dry Towel & Sanitizer Dispenser
The Gym Cleaning Station is a gym wipe dispenser / hand sanitizer stand / wipe bucket and cleaning accessory storage all-in-one! It offers an option to deliver wet wipe or dry towel sanitation with interchangeable nozzles and optional consumable supplies including gym cleaning wipes, dry towels, gym equipment cleaning spray and hand sanitizer refills.

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Product Code: GYM-STATION

Cleaning Station Configuration:

Select a basic configuration or add supply kits for dry or wet cleaning. Each option is available in two colors.

Sign Holder:

Cleaning Station Acrylic Sign Holder to show the public you promote a clean environment and care about their well-being!

Lock-in Casters:

High-quality lead-free casters to help move your cleaning station around.

Description Specifications Patent Information

Introducing the Gym Cleaning Station: your all-in-one antimicrobial germ fighting solution for fitness centers and gyms across the nation. Protect your business with this wet-wipes/dry-towel dispenser plus hand-sanitizer stand and gym wipe bucket. A gym cleaning station is a quick and easy way for everyone to clean up after a solid workout on the treadmill, mats or weight machines.

How can your gym or fitness center benefit from adding a gym sanitation station to your facility?

  • Boost the levels of customer satisfaction and brand commitment
  • Improve the service environment to build a better brand image
  • Add more value by augmenting the level of perceived service
  • Prevent spreading bacteria and sickness among visitors
  • Decrease sick leave and maintain employee satisfaction

Our gym wipes dispenser along with the proper supplies fights off microbes that can sicken anyone visiting the facility, such as those found with athlete's foot and staph infections. Adding multiple gym wipes floor stands to your facility just makes clean sense.

Simple to Use

Each gym wipe dispenser is user-friendly and intuitive to a fault. Action-based instructions are perfect for the gym environment:

  1. Grab your preference of either a dry or wet towel.
  2. Wipe down your gym equipment.
  3. Throw out the towel in the gym wipes bucket.
  4. Sanitize your hands with the station-mounted dispenser.

Gym Cleaning Station Main Benefits:

A One-Stop Shop

Space is at a premium in your gym. A fitness center cleaning station with a combination of wipes, sanitizer and a disposal option is the best way to serve your customers. It takes only a few seconds to clean up and go.

Wet-Wipe Dispenser

Give your customers an easy view of the wet wipes from afar with this wipes dispenser for gym environments. Each wipe package is simple to replace and to pull from in a rush. This feature is one of the most important aspects to a gym wipes stand today.

Dry-Towel Option

Cleaning gym equipment after use is a task that can be customized with this station's convertible nozzle. Switch from wet wipes to dry towels for cleaning and sanitizing purposes. The station's nozzle interface makes this conversion a quick and easy one.

Gym Hand-Sanitizer Pump

Cleaning the gym treadmill with a towel or wet wipe is the main function of these dispensers, but your customers want more. These units come with a gym hand-sanitizer dispenser pump that allows everyone to cleanse their hands after cleaning up the equipment.

Included Trash Receptacle

Never leave your customers looking for a place to toss their wet wipe or towel. Every gym wipes floor dispenser comes with a trash receptacle that holds an astounding volume of paper debris. A wide mouth on the dispenser's front invites people to toss their trash so that it's out of sight and out of mind.

Tough Housing

There are no worries about dings and dents on this product. Every housing is made out of ABS plastic with a textured surface. Fingerprints, fluids and other items won't mark the look of the Gym Cleaning Station as dozens of gym visitors use it daily.

Attractive on the Floor

Add your wet-wipe or paper-towel dispenser for gym environments to every main workout area. Choose from either a black or silver finish too. Each station has a small, D-shaped footprint of only 176 square inches. They blend in when necessary but are easily seen as customers actively look for sanitizing options.

Configure to Your Needs

Are you torn between a gym paper-towel dispenser and gym equipment cleaning wipes? Purchase two or more stations, and configure each one with either dry or wet towels. The gym will have a cohesive appearance while offering every customer a towel that he or she prefers.

Add Consumables & Supplies

Definitely buy a gym wipes dispenser and refills through our bundled options in order to keep up with customer demand. Get a permanent supply of consumables with our suggested options, or configure your own monthly supply box based on the gym’s capacity. We offer a selection of premoistened gym wipes, dry-towel cases, sanitizer refill, acrylic sign holders and disinfectant.

Convenient Shelves

There's more to fitness equipment cleaning supplies than just wet and dry towels. The Cleaning Station also includes four shelves with removable dividers. Store spray bottles, tissue boxes and other necessities along the station's sides. Any accidents that arise on the gym floor are quickly resolved with these resources on hand.

Weighted for Stability

A floor stand gym wipe dispenser cannot be flimsy. If it tips over, injuries are possible. Every gym wipe dispenser station has a weighted base that holds the housing and supplies in place. Your employees will still be able to move the stations too; add optional lockable casters to move about.

Easy to Service & Refill

Don't ever run out of supplies for your gym cleaning station. Vents alongside the housing give you a view into the supply area so that you can catch a low supply before anyone accesses an empty gym cleaning kit. Lack of supplies is one of the top complaints among gym visitors.

Contact Clean Holdings today for your gym cleaning station. We offer fast shipping with our direct-from-manufacturer production line. From bundled packages with included consumables to individual sales, our stock is ready to serve you. Choose from several different options that customize The Gym Cleaning Station to your business model. Make your fitness center equipment the cleanest in the business. Your customers will take notice. Your reputation soars high when safety is a top priority.

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