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Complete Wipe Dispenser & Hand Sanitizer Station Packages

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The Cleaning Station is a wipe and hand sanitizer floor stand that makes heads turn. However, supplying these towers is another task for your business. Don't buy all of your towels, sanitizer refills and wet wipes as separate purchases. Bundle them with these free-standing hand sanitizer stations. With one order, you receive the tower and supplies at a reasonable price. Your shopping task is done.

Our bundles come in several configurations for the wipe and sanitizer dispenser stand. If you prefer wet towels, we offer wet starter kits and ultimate protection combos. Dry towels are also available in these two configurations. Read over the accessory details before checking out. The disinfecting wipe dispenser station with trash can might come in a particular color with spray bottles, wet wipes and more. These bundles are perfect for businesses that are just starting out with wipe and hand sanitizer stations from The Cleaning Station.