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Hospital Hand Hygiene & Infection Control Station

Hospital Hygiene Station - Hand Sanitizer & Wipe Dispenser
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The Hospital Hygiene Station is a wipe dispenser / hand sanitizer stand / wipe bucket and respiratory mask and PPE storage all-in-one! It offers an option to deliver wet wipe or dry towel sanitation with interchangeable nozzles and optional consumable supplies including hospital cleaning wipes, dry towels, and hand sanitizer refills.

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Product Code: HEALTHCARE

Cleaning Station Configuration:

Select a basic configuration or add supply kits for dry or wet cleaning. Each option is available in two colors. Please use the table at the bottom to see what is included with each configuration.

Sign Holder:

Cleaning Station Acrylic Sign Holder to show the public you promote a clean environment and care about their well-being!

Lock-in Casters:

High-quality lead-free casters to help move your cleaning station around.

Description Specifications

Control the spread of germs in your hospital or clinic by adding the Zogics Hygiene Station to your waiting rooms and common areas. Our hospital hygiene station has everything you could imagine when it comes to sanitizing your hands or wiping down a counter. You don't have to be a medical professional to maneuver around this sanitizing stand either. Follow the simple instructions on the posted sign. This hospital hand hygiene station will transform your health care facility into a cleaner space in no time.

What Are the Main Benefits of the Hygiene Station?

Every reputable facility today promotes the "Cover Your Cough" campaign. This simple act reduces infections across the nation's medical clinics.

By adding a hospital hand sanitizer dispenser and respiratory hygiene station with a sign holder to your facility, the entire organization sees these benefits, including:

  • Ensures fewer germs are spread within waiting rooms
  • Protects medical professionals by avoiding frequent colds and cases of flu
  • Offers each facility a badge of accountability when it comes to cleanliness
  • Educates visitors on clean living and hygiene
  • Centralizes the sanitizing supplies
  • Makes a face mask dispenser easier to access

A facility's professionalism shines through these durable hygiene stations. One cough doesn't have to clear a room anymore. Wipe down chairs, tables and counters for a clean room in every hospital wing.

The Hospital Hygiene Station Is Easy To Use:

There's truly no learning curve when it comes to using our infection control station and medical hand sanitizer dispenser. Get to know the basic steps right here:

  1. Snag either a dry or wet wipe from the top-mounted dispenser.
  1. Sanitize your hands with the front-mounted dispenser.
  1. Drop any hospital wet wipes or other nonhazardous items into the handy bucket.
  1. Access the PPE dispenser on the integrated shelves when face masks are necessary.
  1. Add any accessories, such as product refills, onto the shelves.

Our hygiene station and medical paper towel dispenser are intuitive for nearly any visitor. Complete the station's appearance with a sign that promotes its availability. The hygiene station will encourage cold and flu prevention with just a quick stop.

Breaking Down the Top Benefits to a Hospital Hygiene Station

A tissue box on a desk and a sanitizer dispenser on the wall won't keep up with busy facilities today. You need a modern solution to germ control.

Discover the top benefits to a hospital hand sanitizer dispenser and cleaning station. You might just want several stations in your facility afterward.

Choose Wet, Dry or Both

Use our hygiene station as either a wet wipe or a medical paper towel dispenser with dry towels perched on the top-mounted dispenser. You make the final decision on which hand sanitizing procedure is the right one for your facility.

Increase the station's versatility by ordering two units. Station A houses dry towels for the staff whereas station B is in a waiting room with medical cleaning wipes.

Trust in a Weighted Base

This hygiene station can be described as portable for easy relocation around your hospital or clinic. However, it's not made of poor-quality materials either. The station's base is weighted so that top-heavy falls aren't possible.

Anyone can pull a wipe from the dispenser without concerns about stability. This product is designed to stand tall through any busy day.

Clean Look Every Day

ABS plastic with either silver or black colors makes up the station's main housing. Wipe it down with ease so that it looks brand new each day. The material takes a beating, which means it won't show off dings or other damage. It flexes with daily use so that it's ready to serve with an attractive look as patients walk in the door.

Versatile Shelves

Arrange the shelves into any orientation that makes sense for your staff. Fill it with supplies or use it for alternative needs. The shelves might hold face masks, gloves or other items. Your facility's specialties can dictate which items make sense for the open shelves.

Centralized Supplies

There's no real thought to walking up to this station and cleaning your hands. The sanitizer dispenser is at hand level with wet or dry towels stretching up at eye height. Any other supplies are clearly seen alongside the station's left and right sides.

The station's design makes it user-friendly for both patients and staff members.

Available Portability

Add casters to the station if you have maneuverability in mind. The casters give this product even more versatility, especially for facilities with unique needs. Slide the station to other locations near triage if necessary, for example. Use it in an adjacent waiting room while the normal space is being cleaned, sterilized or remodeled. The hygiene station can be as portable as you need it to be.

Simple Refills With Nearby Supplies

Hospitals are always busy places. There's no time to search for those elusive supplies for a hygiene station. This product offers enough space for refill packs so that any staff member can quickly swap out an empty dispenser.

You can even switch from wet to dry towels with a rapid change of the dispenser type and supplies.

Fits Into Tight Spaces

Your facility has limited space, which is common for any busy clinic or hospital. This hospital paper towel dispenser has a small footprint. Place it in a waiting room's corner. Fit another unit between the sink and blood-pressure cuff in an examination room. The hygiene station has a U-shape to its base with its surface areas suspended over several levels. Finding space shouldn't be an issue.

Contact our staff today to order a hygiene station stand. Consider a bulk order of two or more units. With medical sanitizing wipes ready for any scenario, this sanitizer dispenser for hospital use will please both professionals and patients alike. Everyone wants to know that they're safe from germs in any medical facility. This infection control station makes cleanliness easy and possible for anyone passing by.

Choose Your Hospital Cleaning Station Configuration:

Choose your hospital cleaning station configuration in 3 simple steps:

  1. Review what is included in each configuration from the table below.
  2. Choose the configuration that suits your needs best and select it in the "Cleaning Station Configuration" drop-down menu.
  3. Select required accessories & click "Add to Cart".
Basic Configuration

Dry Starter Kit
Ultimate Dry Protection Combo Kit

Wet Starter Kit

Ultimate Wet Protection Combo Kit
Recommended application Customize The Cleaning Station System for your preference of cleaning surfaces. Get started with The Cleaning Station Dry Towel Dispensing System which includes all the supplies you need to get your system up and running. (See Below). The Cleaning Station Ultimate Dry System includes The Cleaning Station & case quantity supplies for dry towel/disinfectant spray cleaning united with hand sanitizing. Refills readily available so you don't run out. Get started with The Cleaning Station Wet Wipe Dispensing System which includes all the supplies you need to get your system up and running. (See Below). The Cleaning Station Ultimate Wet System includes The Cleaning Station & case quantity supplies for wet wipe cleaning of surfaces united with hand sanitizing. Refills readily available so you don't run out.
Cleaning Station Black or Silver Black or Silver Black or Silver Black or Silver Black or Silver
Sanitizer Dispenser Not Included Included Included Included Included
Sanitizer Refill Not Included 1 X 1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bag for 700 pumps 8 X1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bags (700 pumps each) 1 X 1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bag for 700 pumps 8 X1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bags (700 pumps each)
Wet Wipes Not Included Not Included Not Included 1 X roll of pre-moistenend wipes (800 wipes/roll) 4 x rolls of pre-moistenend wipes (800 wipes/roll)
Dry Paper Towels Not Included 1 X Dry Towel Roll 6 X Dry Towel Rolls Not Included Not Included
Mark 11 Spray Not Included 2 X Mark 11 Spray Bottles 4 X Mark 11 Spray Bottles Not Included Not Included
Mark 11 Disinfectant Not Included 10 X Mark 11 Disinfectant Packs 144 X Mark 11 Disinfectant Packets Not Included Not Included
Trash Bin Included Included Included Included Included
Casters Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Acrylic Sign Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

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