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Commercial Hand Sanitizer and Wipe Dispenser Stand

Office Cleaning Station - Desk Wipe or Dry Towel & Sanitizer Dispenser
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The Office Cleaning Station is an all-in-one hand sanitizer stand, desk wipe dispenser and a trash receptacle that helps maintain hand hygiene and cleanliness in the work-space! It offers an option to deliver wet wipe or dry towel sanitation with interchangeable nozzles and optional consumable supplies including desk cleaning wipes, dry towels, surface cleaning spray and hand sanitizer refills.

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Cleaning Station Configuration:

Select a basic configuration or add supply kits for dry or wet cleaning. Each option is available in two colors. Please use the table at the bottom to see what is included with each configuration.

Sign Holder:

Cleaning Station Acrylic Sign Holder to show the public you promote a clean environment and care about their well-being!

Lock-in Casters:

High-quality lead-free casters to help move your cleaning station around.

Description Specifications

Introducing the Office Cleaning Station: your all-in-one antimicrobial germ fighting solution for corporate offices, co-working spaces, reception lobbies and other commercial environments.

The Cleaning Station: Dedicated to Your Office's Health and Well-Being

There's a dirty little secret at the office: Germs are lurking everywhere. Landlines, computer mice, keyboards and doorknobs are just a few of the items that can have germs ready to spread. Every office worker deserves a clean space.

It's time to introduce your staff to the Office Cleaning Station. This multipurpose dispenser offers desk wipes, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer for daily cleanliness. Your office has never been so clean!

Discovering the Main Benefits of the Cleaning Station

Every office has at least one bathroom, but it's off in a corner of the building. No one visits the bathroom just to wash their hands! Everyone is too busy with the latest projects.

Adding a hand sanitizer dispenser combined with office wipes for office areas is the answer. Enjoy these main benefits:

  • Preventing germs from spreading among employees
  • Encouraging workspace cleanliness with accessible wipes and towels
  • Reducing healthcare costs and lost time
  • Showing the workforce and visitors that corporate cares

It's a fact that more companies are turning to the shared office space as a way to save on overhead and inspire teamwork. These workspaces, however, become a haven for germs as everyone touches nearby items each second.

Did you know that many viruses today can survive on inanimate objects for several minutes or even hours? That shared keyboard might have more germs than the company bathroom.

It's time to solve germ spread with a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser united with surface wipes via The Cleaning Station.

An Easy-to-Use Wonder

Germs don't care what time of year it is; coughing and sneezing happen every day in the business world. Install a free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser combined with office wipes in your office to fight the cold and flu. The station is incredibly easy to use.

Explore these intuitive options for a cleaner office:

  1. Quickly pull a dry or wet wipe from the top-mounted dispenser.
  2. Grab a disinfectant spray for those larger cleanup efforts.
  3. Rapidly disinfect your hands with the gel sanitizer.
  4. Toss the trash in the handy receptacle.

Use the Cleaning Station as a beacon for cleanliness reminders. Add the optional employee hand washing sign to your system so that hygiene in the workplace becomes a habit. Every aspect of this dispenser is stylized as classy, convenient and functional in any office or reception room.

Where Does The Cleaning Station Belong?

Whether you have a tiny loft downtown or corporate offices in a huge high-rise, a hand sanitizer stand-up dispenser is a smart investment. There are countless applications for these products.

Consider the main areas where The Cleaning Station would benefit your company the most:

  • Break room areas
  • Co-working spaces
  • Long hallways

Think of where your employees congregate, travel and socialize within the office. From staplers to copy machines, every busy item holds millions of germs. Fighting off their spread with an office hand sanitizer dispenser combined with office wipes is the simplest way to protect everyone from illness.

Have you considered applications in lobby areas? Guests from around the world will bring in germs regardless of their personal hygiene. Protect everyone walking in the door with a Cleaning Station ready to serve the masses.

Detailing the Advantages of The Cleaning Station in Your Office

As if a clean office wasn't enough motivation, an Office Cleaning Station offers a number of different perks. The advantages are both obvious and subtle. They all add up to a quality product that continues to add value to the workplace.

a. Fit Into Any Office Space

At nearly four feet tall, this dispenser takes advantage of height for all of your cleaning supplies. Its footprint is minimal, which means you can fit it beside a potted plant or a water cooler.

b. Match With the Decor

Add more than one station to your building, including the office kitchen and lobby. Choose from either silver or black colors too. An attractive dispenser catches the eye and invites people to use it on a regular basis.

c. Pick Wet or Dry

Do you know which supplies your employees will use the most? They might prefer dry towels or desk cleaning wipes. Pick the supplies you want for The Cleaning Station. Try one type this month and switch it out next month. Your employees can give you feedback on their preferences. Both dry and wet towels give you cleanliness without the hassle.

d. Encourage Quick Cleanups

It takes only a few minutes to grab a towel or to pump disinfectant from the station. No real time is taken out of the workday. Employees love when their productivity is enhanced with a healthier workplace.

Reception lobbies can be cleaner than ever too. Crumbs or small spills take just a few seconds to clean up with a station nearby. Be the envy of your colleagues with a sparkling clean showroom or waiting area.

e. Improve Company Morale

When employees know they're being taken care of, they appreciate their jobs even more. Improve company morale with an Office Cleaning Station. Employees can disinfect at their leisure, which gives them control of their health and well-being.

f. Stock as Needed

Use the removable shelves as necessary. Stock extra wipes or add a spray bottle to the configuration. The four shelves give you instant storage.

g. Maintain With Ease

Appreciate easy cleaning of the station itself with its ABS plastic housing. Wipe down the smooth surfaces to brighten up the dispenser. The plastic is tough enough to fight off those office dings, which can accelerate a product's decline in most cases.

h. Use Safely in Busy Areas

Each dispenser comes with a weighted base, which makes it safe for any busy thoroughfare. Tipping over isn't a concern for managers. Don't let the weighted base fool you, though. You can still pick up and move the product whenever necessary.

With so many options, each dispenser can be matched to your office's needs. Maintain a clean workspace so that everyone is healthy and happy each day.

Choose Your Office Cleaning Station Configuration:

Choose your office cleaning station configuration in 3 simple steps:

  1. Review what is included in each configuration from the table below.
  2. Choose the configuration that suits your needs best and select it in the "Cleaning Station Configuration" drop-down menu.
  3. Select required accessories & click "Add to Cart".
Basic Configuration

Dry Starter Kit
Ultimate Dry Protection Combo Kit

Wet Starter Kit

Ultimate Wet Protection Combo Kit
Recommended application Customize The Cleaning Station System for your preference of cleaning surfaces. Get started with The Cleaning Station Dry Towel Dispensing System which includes all the supplies you need to get your system up and running. (See Below). The Cleaning Station Ultimate Dry System includes The Cleaning Station & case quantity supplies for dry towel/disinfectant spray cleaning united with hand sanitizing. Refills readily available so you don't run out. Get started with The Cleaning Station Wet Wipe Dispensing System which includes all the supplies you need to get your system up and running. (See Below). The Cleaning Station Ultimate Wet System includes The Cleaning Station & case quantity supplies for wet wipe cleaning of surfaces united with hand sanitizing. Refills readily available so you don't run out.
Cleaning Station Black or Silver Black or Silver Black or Silver Black or Silver Black or Silver
Sanitizer Dispenser Not Included Included Included Included Included
Sanitizer Refill Not Included 1 X 1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bag for 700 pumps 8 X1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bags (700 pumps each) 1 X 1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bag for 700 pumps 8 X1000 ml hand sanitizer gel bags (700 pumps each)
Wet Wipes Not Included Not Included Not Included 1 X roll of pre-moistenend wipes (800 wipes/roll) 4 x rolls of pre-moistenend wipes (800 wipes/roll)
Dry Paper Towels Not Included 1 X Dry Towel Roll 6 X Dry Towel Rolls Not Included Not Included
Mark 11 Spray Not Included 2 X Mark 11 Spray Bottles 4 X Mark 11 Spray Bottles Not Included Not Included
Mark 11 Disinfectant Not Included 10 X Mark 11 Disinfectant Packs 144 X Mark 11 Disinfectant Packets Not Included Not Included
Trash Bin Included Included Included Included Included
Casters Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Acrylic Sign Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

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