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5 Tips To Keep Your Office Kitchen Clean

Apart from your house, the office is where you spend most of your time during the week. If you work long hours, you could even consider it a second home. Because of this, it’s important to make the workplace as welcoming as possible, especially the kitchen and breakroom areas. These spots in the office are a solace away from the hustle and bustle of often stressful work. A messy kitchen, however, can place even more stress on you and your coworkers. After all, no one likes a dirty space. It’s important to set some office kitchen rules to ensure it is a space that is pleasant for everyone. Here are our top five tips on how to keep your office kitchen clean.

1. Maintain a Positive Culture

Although work culture may seem unrelated to office kitchen etiquette, the two are more intertwined than you think. When you think about it, a company’s culture dictates nearly everything in the workplace. In fact, it could be the overall culture that promotes poor kitchen hygiene. Are people not following the workplace kitchen rules? This could be the result of an office in which the employees are simply used to a more laid-back culture with no consequences for not cleaning up their mess. It’s important to maintain a positive office culture that promotes responsibility and respect for common spaces. You can start to build this culture by consistently following the next few tips in this blog.

2. Set Clear Work Kitchen Rules

If your workplace hasn’t set clear work kitchen rules, we highly encourage you to create some. Outlining rules to keep the office kitchen clean is an effective way to get everyone in the office on the same page. Make sure to clue in every member of the office so they know the expectations. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to setting rules, refer to our office refrigerator etiquette and office break room etiquette guides. It’s also a good idea to have the rules posted in the kitchen as well as easily accessible in the employee handbook.

3. Clean As You Go

There’s a common theme to our office cleaning guides, and it’s to continue tidying throughout the day. Doing so will make it so much easier for everyone in the office. Each time you accidentally make a mess, take the time to quickly clean it. It may seem like a huge inconvenience in your busy day, but doing so will save the kitchen from becoming an even bigger mess to deal with later on. Besides, taking a moment to clean can be considered a relaxing activity as you take a break from work. Additionally, cleaning as you go will encourage others to do the same, especially if you are a senior member of staff. Leading by example is a fantastic way to encourage your coworkers to pitch in.

4. Create Ownership

Create ownership of this task by creating a cleaning calendar. You can designate different kitchen areas to be cleaned or even schedule a day or two a week to clean the entire space. That way, there is a specific time set aside to get it done. Alternatively, you can also task someone in the office with being in charge of maintaining cleanliness. This doesn’t mean making one person clean up after everyone else, however. It simply gives this individual the power to keep office members accountable for tidying up their own mess. It’s also a great idea to form a cleanup committee dedicated to cleaning after company events.

5. Make It Fun

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to make cleanup fun for those in your office. Cleaning isn’t always the most exciting office task. However, you can make it more lively by posting funny signs as reminders to wipe down the microwave or creating rewards for those who consistently tidy up in the kitchen. Remember that cleaning the kitchen is a communal activity, and it can be an opportunity for coworkers to bond with one another.