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Hand & Surface Cleaning Station for Food Service & Hospitality Industry

Restaurant Cleaning Station - Hand Wipe or Table Towel & Sanitizer Dispenser
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The Restaurant Cleaning Station is an all-in-one hand sanitizer stand, wet wipe or paper towel dispenser and a trash receptacle that helps maintain hand hygiene and cleanliness in the service area! It offers an option to deliver wet wipe or dry towel sanitation with interchangeable nozzles and optional consumable supplies, including disposable table wipes, dry paper towels, surface cleaning spray and hand sanitizer refill bags.

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Sign Holder:

Cleaning Station Acrylic Sign Holder to show the public you promote a clean environment and care about their well-being!

Lock-in Casters:

High-quality lead-free casters to help move your cleaning station around.

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Introducing the Food Service & Hospitality Cleaning Station: your all-in-one germ-fighting solution for hand sanitizing and surface cleaning in the service area of your restaurant, cafeteria, bar or just about any hospitality industry facility.

The Cleaning Station Thrives in a Hospitality or Food Service Setting

The latest statistics say that your smartphone is one of the dirtiest items within reach right now. Did you know that the same thing might be said about that restaurant menu in your hand? Enjoying a meal at an upscale restaurant, a quick bite at the cafeteria or a leisurely lunch at a fast-food establishment shouldn't be overshadowed by the potential germs lurking in the area. As a hospitality professional, you need a hand sanitizer and surface cleaning wipe dispenser stand like The Cleaning Station. From sanitary hand wipes to paper towels, these dispensers offer clean living within your restaurant or other business. Satisfy your curiosity by learning more about this commercial hand sanitizer and counter wipe dispenser and what it can do for your reputation.

Introducing the Top Benefits of The Cleaning Station

Think of the most common habits of your patrons as they enter your facility. They hold a menu, grab a piece of bread and nibble on the food until the waiter arrives. Your patron hasn't even ordered yet, and he or she has been exposed to several different germs.

The Cleaning Station is restaurant innovation at its best. Your host may introduce the guests to the hand sanitizer wet wipe dispenser as they walk in the door. It's a courtesy that's missed by so many other facilities. The benefits continue when you place the station near or within the kitchen or bathroom and use it as a cleaning supplies storage and a commercial paper towel dispenser.

Your facility looks organized and concerned about visitors’ health with a clean cafeteria, cafe or restaurant as a priority. As long as good food is the norm, the customers will come back because of this thoughtful element!

How to Use The Cleaning Station

The Food Service & Hospitality Cleaning Station is a completely intuitive product. Follow these steps to use it as a food service employee or patron:

  1. Pull the restaurant table sanitizer spray bottle from the open shelves for a traditional cleaning solution.
  2. Snag a wet or dry towel from the top-mounted dispenser to clean your hands or a nearby surface.
  3. Dispose of some trash in the hidden receptacle at the station's base
  4. Disinfect your hands in rapid time as you move around the facility.

Its simple design makes it easy for employees to maintain the cleanliness of your business. Patrons can also protect their health by wiping down their tables and menus with ready-to-use wipes before and after their dining experience.

Where Can You Integrate The Cleaning Station Into Your Facility?

The majority of your cafeteria cleaning may occur overnight, but that doesn't mean that cleanliness shouldn't happen during business hours. It's incredibly easy to integrate a food service sanitizer and wipe dispenser into your daily operation.

Explore these unique areas where wipe and sanitizer dispensers are a welcome addition:

  • Near transition points between the kitchen and dining area
  • Outside bathrooms
  • Scattered around dining areas with separate wings
  • Upon entering the dining facility

Using hand sanitizer shouldn't be a one-time option as you enter the business. Think about where people's hands might get dirty, including near the employee prep areas or around the waiting lounge. Consider setting up a wipe and sanitizer dispenser there as well.

What about the countless times that your employees wipe down the tables? Using pre-moistened table wipes or paper towels with sanitizer spray is a much more sanitary option than the average rag.

Get creative with the locations that will work in your hospitality industry.

Are There More Benefits? You Bet There Are!

The Cleaning Station will keep cafeterias clean, but they have so much more to offer the average facility. If you weren't sold on cleanliness alone, check out these perks of owning a hand and surface sanitizer system.

A. Always Attractive

Do you have busy pathways at your facility? Scuffed floors, dented furniture and other damages can be typical. The Cleaning Station is made out of a durable ABS plastic that resists those daily dents and dings.

It's an attractive color too, with Striking Black or Stunning Silver as options. The material is even textured for a more formal appearance.

B. No Major Rearrangement of Your Layout

Add a restaurant hand wipes and sanitizer dispenser to your facility without cluttering the space. Each unit has a small footprint so that multiple stations can fit right into your decor.

C. Versatile Cleaning Choices

Use a spray, wet wipe or dry towel for your cleaning needs. They're all available in this all-in-one unit.

D. Mobile and Intuitive

Do you need to move the dispenser at times? Add casters to the station and signage to help your visitors know how to use it on the go!

E. Simplifies Cleanup After Each Patron

Access wipes or dry towels and restaurant table sanitizer spray bottles for those quick cleanups between customers. No one will wait too long for a table at your facility.

F. Easy Maintenance

Remove the trash and wipe down the station with ease. There's no complicated maintenance plan for this unit.

G. Builds Trust With Patrons

Visible sanitizing stations tell patrons that you care about their health. Your good reputation swells as a result.

H. Protects Employees

Your employees come into contact with many germs during their shift. Let them use hand sanitizer to eradicate those germs. Sick days may drop in number almost immediately.

I. Empowers Patrons

If your employees are often unable to leave from behind the counter to clean off tables between customers, patrons can easily use the self-service system to wipe off their tables and sanitize hands before eating. No longer will your patrons have a substandard dining experience by sitting at a dirty table!

J. Saves Your Business Money

Cut down on payroll for daily maintenance by allowing your employees to keep clean behind the counters throughout the day, not just after closing time. Employees can encourage patrons to clean up before and after they leave by directing them to the simple instructions on the Cleaning Station System’s acrylic sign holder: Pull, Wipe, Toss, Sanitize.

Order The Cleaning Station today to protect your employees and patrons. Making cleanliness an easy process will reduce germ spread on an exponential level. A compact station for all of your cleaning needs is the best way to serve your guests as they enjoy your latest gastronomical creation.

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