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All-in-One Hand Sanitizer Stand and Wipe Dispenser

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Keep your customers and employees safe from germs with free-standing hand sanitizer dispensers. The Cleaning Station is a beautiful work of art that has a functional side. Offer visitors dry or wet towels along with hand sanitizer as they walk into a room. You end up protecting everyone in the immediate vicinity against frustrating colds and flus. This hand sanitizer stand and wipe dispenser comes in stunning silver or striking black. Both finishes are easy to clean and are difficult to damage. The Cleaning Station is a standing hand sanitizer dispenser that's both attractive and useful in many commercial and retail environments.

Remove the trash can from this wipe and hand sanitizer dispenser stand whenever it gets full. It's carefully hidden within the tower so that unsightly towels aren't part of the visual landscape. Try a wipe and hand sanitizer stand-up dispenser for your business. The Cleaning Station is designed to help solve germ problems in high-foot-traffic areas.